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Sevan - Dilijan - Hagartsin - Goshavank (Sale Off 5%)

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Sevan is the largest lake in Armenia. It is situated at the altitude of 1900m above sea level. It is fed by 28 rivers and has one outgoing river – Hrazdan. Historical name of the lake is Gegharkuni or Lake of Gegham. Sevan is a perfect place for summer holidays. There are numerous beaches along the lake shore. There are many historical places in Sevan. One of them is monastery Sevanavank. Sevanavank is located on Sevan peninsula which once was an island. The monastery complex was built in the 9th century. Reconstruction and restoration of the monastery complex took place between 1956-1957. There is also seminary near the monastery complex.


Monastery complex Sevanavank is located on the peninsula of Lake Sevan, which was once an island . The first church was found here by our first catolicos Gregory the Illuminator in the 4th century. Later according to the inscription of the churches the monastery was found in 874 by princess Mariam. Here lived Armenian king Ashot I. The monks who lived here built the additional and auxiliary buildings. In the 16-17th centuried the walls of the monastery were destroyed. Today only two churches are standing on the peninsula. The first Church St. Harutyun is destroyed. From here you can enjoy the perfect view of our blue beauty Lake Sevan.


Dilijan is a resort city situated in the north of Armenia. The city is unique due to its old Armenian architectural style. Dilijan has a rich historical and cultural heritage. During the recent excavations in bronze items of almost three thousand years old were found, which means that the city was famous even in those times. Today the city is considered to be the center of tourism as it is a city with its mineral water, thick forests, fresh air and old history. A lot of tourists come here from all over the world. They even say if there is a second place like Dilijan it would certainly be the heaven. There are two very famous monasteries very close to the city: Haghartsin and Goshavank.


Monastery complex Haghartsin is situated on the edge of the Canyon of Aghstev River in a thick forest. The main church St. Gregory the Illuminator was built in the 11th century. The second church St. Godmother was built later in the 13th century. The monastery complex consists of two churches and two gavits which served for various aims. In the territory of the church there were found many cross stones. The name Haghartsin is translated as game of angles. They say while building the church they saw how the angles were flying above the dome, that is why the monastery was given this name. Recently the monastery was reconstructed and opened its doors to all of its visitors.


Monastery complex Goshavank is situated on the edge of Canyon of Aghstev within thick forests. In the place of the monastery there was a small chapel Getik. Later famous Armenian writer Mkhitar Gosh built this Monastery complex. The complex consists of two main churches: St Gregoty and St Astvatsatsin, gavit, book repository, and the ruins of an old school. There were found many manuscripts here and most of them are preserved in the museum of Manuscripts in Yerevan. A little far from the monastery you can see a small chapel where Mkhitar Gosh is buried. Goshavank does not have outer walls, and is surrounded by village homes. All of the buildings are attached to each other except for S. Hripsime Chapel, which is located on the opposite hillside and within view.

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